Yin Yang


Meditation, Peace in the Yin Yang, Zen and Labyrinth Gardens 

The Yin Yang symbol represents many ideas:  that two opposite characteristics can exist in harmony and complement each other, that the world (particularly the natural world) is interconnected, that there can be no light without dark, no valleys without mountains, no moon without the sun.  It is a symbol of balance, peace, and harmony.  It is what we at Panorama Pass aspire to be.

You may notice that within the Yin Yang circle at the Chateaus are two distinct gardens. Each side was selected by the couple that sponsor the Chateaus:

  • The wife chose the Labyrinth (dark side) which represents a meandering but purposeful journey.
  • The husband selected the Zen garden (light side), which represents a serene place where the mind can be at rest.

They see the Yin Yang circle and these gardens as extensions of themselves:  two opposite but interconnected individuals that complement one another.

This strikingly dramatic, meditation garden is visible from outer space.

We invite you, as guests at the Chateaus, to enjoy this space in the morning sunshine, for quiet times throughout the day, and to star gaze at night.  We hope you have a peaceful and harmonious journey here at Panorama Pass, at home, and wherever your travels may take you.